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Faith is going to require steps that are not easy. There are going to be opportunities to give up. Despite […]
Even in your biggest mistakes, Jesus wants to step into your life and bring to completion that which He has […]
Go back to the place that you departed. Get back on the path that God has laid out for you. […]
I have found that you can keep that fire burning within you if you continually remind yourself of the God […]
God is doing a work inside of you not so you can just survive but so that you can do […]
Your Life is heading somewhere. History is heading towards a purpose. The God who created you and brought your out […]
We all have an idea of the end times. Often, it is presented as something to fear. Let today’s teaching […]
Today on The TruMission Podcast we interview Dr. Lee Carter, author of the book, Leadership in Community: The Missiology, Community […]
Have you ever considered that tithing is a form of worship? Consider this, giving of our time, talents and resources […]