When we received Jesus in our hearts, He set us free from all our bondage, our past, our brokenness… but […]
The Enemy wants to distract you from the plan God has for your life. Satan’s ultimate strategy is to lead […]
We are at the conclusion of the study of Ephesians. Chapter 6 talks about putting on the armor of God… […]
When God created you, He put in you everything you need to fulfill your destiny. In fact, you are completely […]
Most people have the desire to do something great in their lives. God truly wants to do something great in […]
God doesn’t just want to be your Sunday God. He wants to be in every moment of your life. FOLLOW […]
You have a new identity in Christ Jesus. Let go of your past self and embrace who God has called […]
We’re in the second to last chapter of Ephesians today. Chapter five is packed full of wisdom to apply to […]
The Book of Ephesians can really be broken into two sections. The first 3 chapters really focuses on what Jesus […]
Our response to His great love for us is to follow after Him. FOLLOW TRUMISSION ► https://facebook.com/yourtrumission ► https://instagram.com/yourtrumission To […]