Love is Faith In Action. So if all we do with our faith is work on our own issues than […]
A study of the book of Philippians. FOLLOW TRUMISSION ► ► To Give, visit the online giving center. […]
Let’s study the book of Philippians together. Today we are in Chapter 1. Be encouraged by Paul’s writing to fulfill […]
Trusting God is easy when life is going well. But trusting God when you’re in trouble is an entirely different […]
If your are going to follow God even when it doesn’t make sense, you have to keep an eternal perspective. […]
It is easy to get discouraged while we wait for our dreams to come to pass. But just because you […]
God is working in your favor. He has good things ahead of you. FOLLOW TRUMISSION ► ► To […]
Be Inspired by the message today entitled “A Life Poured Out.” Over the next few weeks, we will be in […]
A timely word for current world events. Understanding the times and seasons in our lives can give us the eternal […]
We don’t determine the length of our lives… God does, So live it well. Don’t get confused, You are saved […]