This week on the Legends series, we are examining the life of Jacob.

We all face the temptation to fake it, to put on a mask and hide… We desire to put our avatar into the situation we don’t want to face. However, God can’t bless who we pretend to be.

From birth, Jacob was trying to control his life… in delivery, he grabbed his brother’s heel to try to be born first. Later, Jacob faked his way into the blessing.

That is how Jacob’s life started… Him trying to control his own life. But in a powerful turn of events, Jacob discovers that God doesn’t just love the parts of our life that we polish and present to others, God is the God of Jacob too. Through this offer of Grace, God accepts us just as we are and in Christ, He gives us a new Identity.

I believe that Jacob’s message to us would be: When your life isn’t turning out the way you hoped… “Let God have control of your life.”




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